Brief History

Somie was originally established in 1953 in Egypt as a branch of Societe Meynadier et Compagnie of Switzerland (it later became an independent company and retained the abbreviated name of Somie, based on the original name.) The company was first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa and to this day still enjoys a leading position and a well-respected name because of its pioneering activities. Somie manufactures of jute-reinforced waterproofing membranes (used to waterproof building structures) and gypsum false ceiling tiles (used for sound insulation and decoration) and a line of concrete additives and waterproofing coatings.

Corporate philosophy

Since the very beginning, Somie's philosophy is to maintain a long-term vision to the business. This has meant that the company works hard to build and maintain strong links to its clients and suppliers. While some competitors have gained market share through cutting down on quality or through expanding too quickly, Somie believes that by staying faithful to its core areas of expertise and by not compromising on quality, it will be the winner on the long run.

To this day, this philosophy endures, and that has meant that the company still specializes in the areas of waterproofing, heat and sound insulation and false ceilings and partitions, all of which are related items in the construction trade.


The company is an active member in the following associations:

  • Federation of Egyptian Industries (Chamber of Building Materials).

  • American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.

  • German Arab Chamber of Commerce.

  • National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), USA, International member.

  • The Egyptian Federation of Contractors (Grade I specialized contractor).